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The EHS+ Passport is a personalized certificate card with a QR code validation, given on completion of the EHS+ training. All candidates that undergo training through the EHS+ Center are eligible to receive the EHS+ Passport. Scanning the EHS+ Passport will provide information on the trainings received through the EHS+ Center. The EHS+ Passport was initially introduced for the benefit of contract workers and their employers. Contract workers, who form a significant part of the manufacturing sector, work primarily on the factory floors and are most vulnerable to risk. However due to the contractual nature of their engagement, these workers are often untrained and ill prepared for emergencies. The EHS+ Passport training was introduced to provide contractual employees with accreditation that can be utilized for future employment opportunities. We began by offering Basic Safety Modules (25-30 topics) for Contract Employees and Process-specific Safety Modules for New Employees. The concept of the EHS+ Passport has been greatly successful. We now offer all our trainees this unique identification card, which serves as a repository for information on all EHS+ Center trainings completed. For further details, Contact EHS+ Center
For further details, Contact Institute for Sustainable Communities